What is FIRECALL? FIRECALL is the calling applicaiton that allows you to make calls using your phone or your PC audio (similar to Skype), billed securely via credit card.

Where can I use FIRECALL? FIRECALL works anywhere in the world using your PC audio (similar to Skype), or you can use your phone using one of the local access numbers provided.

Why is there no phone number for my country? We are constantly expanding our list of international phone numbers, if there isn't one for your country then you should use your PC audio.

How will calls show on my phone bill? All calls shows as a normal call (standard call to a standard number) on your bill.

Are my credit card and personal details safe? Yes, absolutely. We have partnered with VXSBill for processing all credit card transactions. We do not store your credit card details.

How will charges appear on my card statement? Charges will show discreetly as 'Firestorm Rampant' on your card statement.

How can I see how much I have spent? Once logged in you can clearly see all the calls you have made, together with all the charges which have been made to your credit card.